The Machinery of Progress

(Excerpt from Outcast)

what am i to make of this spiraling work
forever rewiring my mind
toward the more efficient thought
creating within me a machine of profit
and complete loss of joy —
an inability to build
before being ripped apart
by powers i cannot control?

my mind craves growth
and building upon what it knows
but the powers speak
and my building ceases.

i am forever cast to foundation work,
never seeing what my vision would allow
re-beginning in strange tongues
that can no longer shape my mind,
lost in the confusion of constant change
where nothing survives the instant of present conformity.

what shall become of the old
forever at the unrealized mercy of the new
to be antiquated in youth
and retainment un-needed?

and yet a mind cannot evolve within the instant,
modeled by thinkers above it all,
ignoring the comfort of familiarity
to maximize return on investment,
at least as the ledgers judge,
without recording the value of tiny friendships
that snap like twigs stepped upon
by the crass heavy boots of higher thought.

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