About H. Bennett Hubbard

H. Bennett Hubbard is an author of dystopian poetry and prose. In his work, Ben explores the dehumanization of consciousness in the mechanical quest for ever increasing productivity, with the psyche disoriented by a constantly changing environment, culminating in a psychological death which alienates us from our co-workers, neighbors, friends and families. He explores how the mind has become a slave to the marketplace, how mass conformity erodes individuality, eventually extinguishing self-identity. He lets the reader observe the inner torment of souls drained of individual expression through a standardized approach in the work place, resulting from subtle maneuvering of corporate and political institutions.

Ben also explores how the modern world affects relationships among loved ones—an alienation felt by the constant need to relocate and redefine oneself through ever-ending careers. Nothing is constant, everything is virtual and home no longer exists. We are led by his work into a bleak Darwinian landscape, where labor and thought are mass-produced and driven to subsistence levels by world-wide competition—a landscape where entertainment and drugs mask the reality of life and dominate our free time. Reflection is impossible because of the unbearable truth of our existence.

Previously an engineer, educated at Georgia Tech and MIT, Ben has transitioned to a poet and author inspired to write after witnessing the debilitating effects upon the soul of the modern working environment.

When not writing, Ben studies mathematics and philosophy and embraces family life with his wife, Barbara, and their pet macaw, Petey, who is free to fly around the house during the day and engage in all sorts of mischief.

Ben has selected five poems from his book Outcast and you can find them under Ben’s Readings in the main menu.