H. Bennett Hubbard is an author of dystopian poetry and prose. Ben explores how the modern world affects relationships among loved ones—an alienation felt by the constant need to relocate and redefine oneself through ever-ending careers. Nothing is constant, everything is virtual and home no longer exists. His words lead us further into a bleak Darwinian landscape, where labor and thought are mass-produced and driven to subsistence levels by world-wide competition—a landscape where entertainment and drugs mask the reality of life and dominate our free time. Reflection is impossible because of the unbearable truth of our existence, but where one door closes, another opens. Step across the threshold and be prepared for anything.

New Release: August 2016

"All is calm but for the patter of children wandering alone through horrors and tangled brush..."


A Time Between Gods is a collection of short stories and poems set in our modern world, yet experienced through portals of madness, terror, longing, and loneliness.

These stories are not for the faint of heart. These are tales for modern-day warriors, for those who can see back through the looking glass into a world we left behind long ago. 

"Push hard against the impenetrable wall, Abraham. Push with all your strength. And believe with all your faith that this is possible. Anything less and it will not happen. And don't stop until you pass through, understand? Otherwise, you will be trapped and I will be unable to save you." And she paused. "This, Abraham is the true risk we have been discussing in our meetings. This is the risk you face. You must decide to accept it." She paused again. "Now go ahead and push and I will follow." - Excerpt from Hidden

Outcast - Poems of Probability & Prediction

Outcast is an eclectic mix of poetry which, in the space of 50 haunting poems, touches nearly every aspect of modern life. Career, war, love, friendship, family, education, consciousness are all laid bare in a simple poetic style, revealing the characters’ lives through their senses, perceptions, and emotions. All the poems are written in the first person with just a sprinkling of metaphor. Though the dystopian struggles of 21st century humanity are plain to see, the author refrains from preaching solutions to these struggles, preferring instead to let the reader judge for himself how to react to these aspects of modern life.

Outcast presents the reader with a rare opportunity to pause and reflect on where humanity is headed—pell-mell toward a future of unthinkable change and often at odds with the American ideal.

Readings from Outcast